Multi Style LED Grow Light,Tripod Stand

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  • Our LED Grow Light offers a full spectrum of light (380nm-730nm) including white, warm white, red, UV, and IR, promoting plant growth year-round.

  • Compact and Versatile: This compact light can fit almost anywhere - on countertops, under cabinets, in dorm rooms, and small apartments.

  • Height Adjustable: You can adjust its height to suit your plant's needs, and it can cover a larger area when fully extended.

  • Dimmable Brightness: With 10 levels of brightness, you have full control over the light intensity for your plants.

  • Automatic Timer: It has a built-in timer with 3 modes (8/12/16 hours on, 16/12/8 hours off) for hassle-free lighting control. You can also manually turn it on and off with the switch.

Multi Style LED Grow Light,Tripod Stand

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