Questions about the grow light and other products

Questions about the grow light and other products

Here you can find questions about the product.

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Questions about the grow light

Plant Grow Light

How to be sure that the grow light can simulate sunlight?
Our lamp beads are full-spectrum lamp beads, and provide a visible light wavelength range of 380nm to 780nm, which can provide the light required for plant photosynthesis.
My plants are taller, can they be used?
The telescopic pole provides a length of 6.5~61.1 inches, which can provide light for small and medium plants.
My plant is too small, what should I do if the plant light cannot be inserted firmly?
For mini plants we designed bamboo lights with bottom, which can easily place mini plants and provide lighting.
Is the assembly complicated?
Very simple! We provide instructions. Easy to assemble according to the instructions.


How do I place an Order?
Just add the products you like to your cart or buy them directly.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
We only accept payment by PayPal.
Do You Ship Internationally?
We ship primarily in the United States and UK and Canada.


If I have a problem with my product, what should I do?
Please send pictures of the problem to, and include your order number. We will check and send you a new product.
How do I return an item?
You do not need to return your product when there is a problem with it. Please contact us with the order number and the problem that occurred and we will send you a new product.


How many day take for shipping?
It takes 5-8 days to ship the plant grow lights. Other products take 15-18 days to ship.

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