80W Hanging Plant Light

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  1. Professional LED Beads, Simulating Sunlight:

    • Rated Power: 80 Watts
    • Input Voltage: AC100V-240V
    • Lamp Beads:
      • White Light 5000K: 139 pieces
      • Yellow Light 3000K: 111 pieces
      • Red Light 660nm: 40 pieces
      • IR 730nm: 4 pieces
      • UV 395nm: 4 pieces. (A total of 298 LED chips)

    Benefits of LED Spectrum for Plants: The meticulously selected LED spectrum, including white, yellow, red, infrared, and ultraviolet light, closely simulates natural sunlight. This comprehensive spectrum promotes robust photosynthesis, enhancing plant growth, flowering, and overall health.

  2. Built-in Cooling Fan and Thin Aluminum Plates for Efficient Heat Dissipation:

    • The integrated cooling fan and slim aluminum heat dissipation plates ensure optimal temperature regulation, preventing overheating and maintaining a favorable environment for plant cultivation. This design enhances the longevity and performance of the LED beads.
  3. Adjustable Hanging Rope (13.77 inches) with Bonus 35.43-inch Extension Cord:

    • The hanging plant light features a 13.77-inch adjustable suspension rope, allowing flexible positioning to accommodate varying plant heights. Additionally, a complimentary 35.43-inch extension cord is included, providing convenience during installation and ensuring adaptability to different setups.
80W Hanging Plant Light
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